Radio plays include

Walkie Talkies

Free Thinking short drama. Three writers dissect our contemporary experience of freedom in short plays specially commissioned for Free Thinking. Spider by John Siddique, A Northern Elegy by Nick Leather and Walkie Talkies by Kaite O’Reilly.

Performed by Mandy Colleran
Director Justine Potter

BBC Radio Three: The Free Thinking Festival of ideas had a weekend of live events in Liverpool, 9th-11th November 2007.

Images of Mandy Colleran with thanks to John Siddique.

Bora Bistrah

Sunday 19 August 2007 21:00-22:15 (Radio 3)

Five international writers penned stories about members of one family, descended from the same maternal grandmother, who crossed the border from India into Pakistan in 1947. They now live across the globe - the USA, Nairobi, Karachi, Shanghai and Bradford. The individual stories are linked by original music from Arun Ghosh and singer Ebere.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes

Director Shabina Aslam.
Cast Bhasker Patel, Damian Asher, Melanie Bond, Rachel Bavidge, Lucian Msamati, Connie M'Gadzah, Shiv Grewal, Pooja Ghai, Chetna Pandya, Amarjit Bassan, Liz Sutherland, Pik-Sen Lim, Nitin Ganatra, Shane Zaza, Indira Joshi, Anthony Glennon

BBC Radio Three
Part of the India & Pakistan '07 season.

Rean’s Girls
An adaptation of Foursight Theatre’s community play about women immigrants in the Whitmore Reans area of Wolverhampton.

Kate Chapman. BBC Radio 4 Afternoon play. (Birmingham)

Ambushed by Time
An exploration of love and memory in a time of amnesia.

Director Roland Jaquerello. BBC Radio 4 Friday Night Drama.
Cast includes Catherine McCormack; Angharad Rees; Owen Teale;
Ronan Vibert. (A Fiction Factory production for BBC Radio 4)

An adaptation of Kaite O’Reilly’s successful theatre play.

Director David Hunter. BBC Radio 3 Sunday Night Theatre
Cast Sophie Partridge, Lisa Hammond, Caroline Parker.

set in India, the play explores the true human cost of building big dams along the Namada River (50 million people displaced in less than 50 years) and questions the ethics of obsolete technology from the West being sold to the ‘developing world’ as aid.

Director David Hunter. BBC Radio 4, Afternoon Play.

Lives Out of Step
An experimental soundscape, set in Antarctica and a nursing home in England. An environmentalist, pessimistic about the oil field exploitation of the ‘last untouched place on earth’ strides out towards his death across a frozen sea, accompanied by his childhood heroes, South Polar explorers Scott and Shackleton.

Director David Hunter. BBC Radio 3 The Wire
Cast includes Douglas Hodge and Phyllida Law.

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