the 9 Fridas


This performance text is a mosaic, with many representations of Frida Kahlo, and monologues delivered by specifically non-Frida figures/characters that tell contemporary stories paralleling aspects of her biography as F journeys through memory and the Mayan afterlife.

The cast is a mix of male and female, hearing and Deaf, disabled and non-disabled performers, but all dressed as Frida Kahlo from photographs, self- portraits and paintings.


First Production
World premiere in Mandarin (translation by Betty Chen)
on invitation of Yi-Wei Keng, to Taipei Arts Festival 5-6 September 2014
Produced by: Mobius Strip Theatre (Taipei)
Faye Leung, Alex Cheung (Co-Artistic Directors)
Cordelia Yang (Executive Producer; Company Manager)
in association with Hong Kong Repertory Theatre, where the production transferred for The 2016 Black Box Theatre Festival, HK, October 2016.


Cast (on-stage ensemble):
F:  Faye Leung
1:  Po-Ting Chen
2:  Chih-Chung Cheng
3:  Ying-Hsuan Hsieh
4:  Wai Hang Rocelia Fung
5:  Alex Cheung

Video Cast:
Lin Chien-Lang
Ying-Ni Ma
Pun Hui-Yun Chen

Spanish voice-over:
Victor Ramirez Ladron De Guevara
Creative Team
Director: Phillip Zarrilli
Costume Design: YS Lee
Set Design: Yy Lim
Lighting Design: Fung Kwok Kee Gabriel
Music Design: Nicolas Saito
Video Design: Alex Cheung
Stage Manager: Min-Tzu Liao